Jan 8, 2020

I finally did it. I finally put together my personal website. Its not much yet but I finally have a presence online that’s not directly connected to a company I work for, or a third party platform.

I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a while, and recently I’ve read a few articles that have finally pushed me over the edge to actually do it. This one specifically by Shawn Wang (aka swyx) titled “Learning in Public” definitely had the biggest impact.

I keep an almost-daily dev blog written for no one else but me.

Guess what? It’s not about reaching as many people as possible with your content. If you can do that, great, remember me when you’re famous. But chances are that by far the biggest beneficiary of you trying to help past you is future you. If others benefit, that’s icing.

Learn In Public | Shawn Wang (swyx)

I’ve always thought that bloggers were kind of self-indulgent and didn’t really think about blogging as public journaling that’s primarily for the writer. swyx makes a really compelling argument for creating content to help yourself in the future. Plus, I need to work on my writing skills so that’s a nice little bonus.


Now I want to clarify, this “blog” is not intended to be consistent, nor have lengthy articles. It’s mostly going to be a place where I post little tidbits of information I want to keep record of with some explanation. I’ve kept notes in markdown before as github gists but I’ve wanted to flesh some of them out and add some explanation.

I primarily focus in Javascript technologies, specifically React so expect a majority of my content to be related to that. However, don’t be surprised if I throw in a random snippet from something I’m doing at work. I’m excited to finally be putting my thoughts out there!